Where did I leave off? Oh yes, Hubby's birthday celebration in Vegas. But I would need to come back to that March Madness in a later post, because, well, it is now May, and I HAVE TO post about this most fantastic getaway with the girls in San Diego this past weekend. Otherwise, some of them might bite my head off to get to my camera and post the pictures since I've been holding them hostage long enough. I'm looking at you LYB!

LYB, Cat, Jenn, and I set out for an early start at 3pm to avoid the nasty traffic. Of course, we expected some usual delays in packing and leaving work, but we sure did not expect Jenn's flat tire fiasco in the middle of the freeway, complete with 3 shady cholos who stopped to offer help in their old clunky truck and Cadillac, respectively. Nor did we expect the brand spankin' new jug of Ketel One that LYB just bought an hour before heading out for this trip to roll off the floor of her car and splattered all over the curb. Eh, so Jenn waited for AAA and took a picture of her flat tire, Cat's husband swept up the alcoholic shards of glass and we stopped by Albertson's to replace the Ketel One and then some....check out my wardrobe for the weekend. We're all set, San Diego, here we come!

We had a week's worth of conversations in our 1.5 hour drive. When we checked into our room at the swanky Hotel Solomar, I immediately busted out my camera and took pictures of the element of the room that we each like:

Bridal portrait session of LYB enjoying the view

Jenn adored this adorable little lamp

I stole this picture from the hotel's website since the one I took didn't come out right, to show Cat's most beloved item in the room. She favored that sink so much so, that she had quite an intimate relationship with it at the end of the night.

No, my favorite item wasn't the drab looking chair. It was the aqua curtains with the chic brown stripes, but I also wanted to capture the textured picture of the sky and beach on the wall that Jenn and I both loved.

Well, we all liked the beds ;-)

Yay, goody bags! The girls in room 422 gave each person their own Diva and Superstar bag filled with candy, chips, and a muffin...to help absorb the alcohol I'm sure. Room 422 rocks!

But check out the best part of the goody bags, our very own cup personalized to our umm...preferences...

My cup was the first to be decorated, and it was done by the sweetheart Aline. The result of this "nice decorating for the nice" was my name in a cutesy font, with cutesy flowers, hearts, and polka dots. I simply cannot get mad at sweet Aline, so I thank her for her efforts and declared that I'm determined to dispel such "nice" reputation for the weekend. Below is the transformation of my cup, courtesy of Jenn:

We decided to settle for Moose Mcgillicuddy' happy hour to start our weekend right.

The food and drinks were delicious, and apparently so was Aline.

When we were both good and tipsy, or snotty and drowsy as was Diane's case, we headed back to our hotel rooms and glammed up for our "Slut Night". We are so posh that we brought along Bose speakers for our Ipod music, our very own bartender and makeup artist to help us slut it up.

So hot, your monitor is sweating.

My roommates, pompadourable!!

I tried to capture the giddy mood that us girls were all in, but the elevator lighting wasn't cooperating.

We attempted to try again for a group picture at the hotel lobby. Unfortunately, it's always hit or miss when you ask a stranger to take your picture, I knew I should have toted along my handy gorillapod. No worries, I made the most out of a bad picture ;-)

I will end this post with part 1 of our Slut Night. Claire bits, Jess's Koreans, Cat and The Smokers coming up!


WeezerMonkey said...

I heart slutty OC.

Tame L.A. Monkey

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

I heart slutty KP.

KP said...

Slutty OC KP, perfect!

dapotato said...

So hot, your monitor is sweating.


Kimberly said...

"Slutty OC in SD" = Best Line Ever!

Jessica said...

Yay for Slut Night!

Claire said...

mmm...sweaty monitor...

10yearstogether said...

Yay for Hooker Crows!

R said...

I am cracking up at your cup's transformation.

Aline said...

Next time your cups name will be "slutty MVP"