Divas and Superstars!

If you think that the getting ready process for Slut Night was fierce, wait 'til you see pictures of the actual night.

Walking the streets of SD
Diane looked like she was disapproving of Cat's indication of how much she's worth.
I meant to capture the club's name and logo at the door, but since we were being hushed in as VIPs (with cover charge still, boo), I got a good shot of the back of Jenn's hair instead.
Yay, yummy overpriced shots! Partaayyy!!
APK has Diane's disapproving look toward the humping couple in the background.
She might have had the same look when Claire immediately asked if she flashed the security guard along with the drove of guys who helped her up when she tumbled down the club's stairs. You wouldn't have known that Claire would pull a Britney just by looking at how graceful and sophisticated she looked in the picture below. We made various attempts at plucking Diane off the club's wall. And she did put up a valiant effort by lasting a whole 30 minutes before she headed back to the hotel and slept off her cold (TB?)
The guys at the club started out as unimpressive, judging by Cat's and Claire's expressions.

But not for YL, as long as they're cute and Korean, alllooksame. We originally thought that YL only captured 1 Korean guy at the club. But evidence from my camera reveals that there were 2! Look at club Korean 1 then club Korean 2, I don't think it's the same guy!

The best part of the club for me were these skanky 80's goth dancers. They were quite skillful in humping the railings and each other. It was too dark for me to get a good picture and video of their fabulousness, but you get the drift. I didn't remove their red eyes in the pictures to give the full effect of their demon look.

Club Envy was trendy, so naturally we were quite comfortable hangin' with that crowd. See, Aline is so trendy that the club matched their furniture to her outfit.
As hip and happenning as we were, most of us decided to call it a night around 1am. I wanted to take a picture of the long line of non-VIPs waiting to get in as we VIPs were leaving the club. But I guess my camera is too drawn to the cuteness that is Aline and me.
Posing in front of that sign was completely unintentional ;-)
That's APK's abs of steel, but whose legs are those??
Why, they belong to Claire, YL, and another one of YL's Korean captives! She literally swooped him away from this other hot white chick, and asked if he was the guy she was dancing with at the club. It turned out that he wasn't, but he was at the same club earlier, ironically enough.
In YL's defense, I will do a side by side comparison of club Korean 2 (who we originally thought was simply Korean 1) and street Korean. See, alllooksame.

Alas, YL must part ways with all of her Koreans, they're lucky that she's married, and turn to the only Korean who matters.
Some of us were still perky at 1am...
...some were not. Most of us managed to take off our shoes.

As you can clearly see above, Aline and her girls were still quite up and perky, so was Jenn. We found LYB and Cat at the hotel lobby and headed to the nearest dive bar.

One of the many slimy guys who swarmed us at the bar. At least he got Cat's signage down.
Rubbing bumpies...
We drank and fought off slimy guys until the bar closed and kicked us out. As we swerved down the sidewalk, in between gathering Aline, Cat and Jenn, I have managed to lose LYB. Cat made friends like she was doing all night, with two girls who were smoking in front of our hotel. When I saw that Jenn joined Cat and The Smokers, and Aline was safely on the couch in the hotel lobby, I walked up and down the street, wailing LYB's name. Defeated after 10 minutes of searching for LYB on the streets, we stumbled into our room, just to find LYB already in our room, opening the door and greeted us with "Where were you guys??" I just let out a sigh of relief, at least she made it safely back and now I can hit the bed. I couldn't be more wrong.

Remember my pompoudorable roommates? Well, they capped the night off with hours of drunk calling, bed falling, necklace breaking and endless giggling. Crazy chicks.
And the cuh-raziest of them all? I did record some of their shenanigans on film, but after much reviewing, I've decided not to post any of them on my blog, simply because I will be sued for copyright infringement from the Girls Gone Wild corporation. Instead, the parties involved will be receiving their own private viewing at a later date.

I will end this post and our Friday adventures in SD by asking you all to close your eyes and conjure up the lovely sounds of Cat's frequent visits with her beloved sink...because that's what I heard most of the night. LA girls and pool dances coming up!


dapotato said...

lovely recap! OC girls know how to party. korean 1, korean 2, and street korean do alllooksame, even to my kinda trained eye (?).

Jessica said...

Club Korean 1 is cuter than Club Korean 2, but I think Korean 3 was the cutest. :-)

But, yes, there is only one Korean who matters! Haha!

WeezerMonkey said...


I, too, think Korean 3 was the cutest.

Aline said...

I puffy heart you. Puffy puffy extra puffy.

Great recap love.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. yeahimcat

Rachael said...

SO worth the wait!

Claire said...


I don't remember half those pictures. I'm glad you were still sober enough to wield a camera!

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

How did you survive in that room with no other all look same? You should have thrown up in the sink. And shaved one armpit.

R said...

Too, too funny!