Good Friday

Damn, my AI loser pick didn't get voted off. I was already dozing off halfway through the results show, partially due to food coma....Hawaiian food...yummm...when hubby was making sounds as he reacted to the outcome. But I couldn't quite remember if those sounds were of joy or disappointment for me come next morning. So I had to ask him in the car on our way to work to prepare me for the high stake AI pool in my department.

Boo...we would have to endure Kristy Lee Cook's off-key babble for at least one more week, and on the AI tour, since she made to the top 10. At least she's cute to look at.
I can't say the same for the contestant that actually did get voted off. Frankenhair is gone, yay. Back to U.S.S.R!

On much more important news, it's my hubby's birthday today!! This is the first birthday when I am his wife. When I haven’t been the wife I should be and want to be. Unlike me, my hubby honors his wedding vows truly, as apparent from my previous post below. He kept his promise to take care of me always. Even through my shitty times when I show no inkling of deserving any of his unconditional devotion. Here is a birthday wish to my hubby, whose good looks are not the only thing made obvious by this picture from our wedding day. You could read the kindness from his eyes.
Hubby took a day off from work today in celebration of his birth, and I get to leave early because it's Good Friday. We're heading to Vegas with a group of friends, two of whom are also celebrating their birthdays this month. This wife is determined to make sure her hubby will have an awesome time celebrating his birth. Vegas, here we come! It is a good Friday indeed.


WeezerMonkey said...

Happy belated to Kam!

dapotato said...

happy very belated to kam!

R said...

Happy super belated b-day for your hubby. :)