Divas, Superstars, and More Animals!!

Our Cazh Night in SD was rather eventful, but mainly due to the company. As we crossed the streets in our heels, some of us were amused by the following go-kart, even contemplated on using them...for about 10 seconds. And no, that is NOT Diane and YL in the picture.

The Irish pub, The Field, looked intriguing enough for some dinner grub. We ordered some sampler dishes to share, and I must say, they were quite tasty. Very hearty and wholesome. Below is the Irish Sampler, which consisted of "wee Shepherd’s Pie, wee Guinness Beef Stew, Chicken Sage Boxty and our famous Corned Beef and Cabbage", based upon their description.

Hmmm...similar to the "Animals Attack" picture, Diane just doesn't seem to be on the same page in terms of posing. There's a little vulgarity in her LA sign, no?

Awkward turtles and crows and...once again...what IS Diane doing?

BOTH armpits shaved. Check.

Instant classification. Check.
We're all set for bar hopping! We started the night at the Altitude Sky Bar, located on the rooftop of the Marriott hotel, with high recommendations from YL. So naturally, I expected droves of cute Koreans there, what we got was this nice view of the Padres stadium to our left, and the view of the bay to our right, but it was too dark for my camera's flash to capture.

The bar was huge! And the bartenders concocted some amazing drinks, WeeMo had a yummy customized one.
They had jumbo sized screens of Ipod commercial-like mystery dancers.

To which I did find this cute Korean trying to imitate the moves of these mystery dancers. Doesn't she look adorable? "I'm a little teapot, short and........"

I can't wait until we have matching haircuts! ~signed, married Asian female

The air was refreshing, the view was spectacular, the 90's hip-hop music videos were jamming and the DJ was fine. But we decided to move on to the Hard Rock Hotel. This is where we spent most of our time there, on a plush ottoman on the ground, which was in a prime location between the entrance, the pool and the table services.

We can only gawk at tight hard perky shiny bodies for so long and the Hard Rock sparker girls can only provide so much amusement. We began to get restless.

The drinks there were pure alcohol...the ottoman was getting more comfy...

...so Aline decided to dance on the ottoman, but was scolded...since she couldn't beat them, she joined them, without compromising her special skills..

We all decided that the sky bar at the Marriott hotel was our preference, so some of us went back there, some of us wanted more Irish and booze, and the rest of us wanted to eat. Because sitting and gawking required too much energy.

We found this futuristic diner right below the Hard Rock Hotel, complete with Andy Warhol-esque posters of Mick Jagger. I gave our group picture at the diner an old skool, Polaroid feel to go with our Archie and the gang look.

Chic decor in the hotel lobby.

Half of my roommates got back to our room before dawn, all of them decided to leave early. With hubby in Vegas, and tummy growling, I decided to join the eating crowd once again. The sky was beautiful but the air was hot and muggy as we walked to the clean and modern taqueria, minus the homeless woman who couldn't keep her fingers to herself.

I wanted to take a picture of YL's enormous burrito, with YL for comparison purposes.

The LA girls took my orphan self in and drove me home. I don't have pictures for the many hilarious conversations that ensued in the ride home, I was too busy laughing. I sure appreciate their generosity, but I did not appreciate WeeMo nearly flashing my neighborhood when they dropped me off. I disdainfully told her, "Please, we're in Irvine now."

I came home, unpacked, took a nap, then to be woken up by my sweet hubby who actually won in Vegas, and spent some of his winnings to buy me a little something at the Coach outlet. Life is sweet.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the super fab recap and photography skills darling! For once in my life, I am stoked there are no pics of me. I am bummed that I missed all the late night snacking though! The pub was calling my name like you would not believe.

WeezerMonkey said...

It was one button! ;D

dapotato said...

awesome recaps!

R said...

So fab. I'm glad you had a great time!

Aline said...

I didn't leave a comment here? WTF?

Katie you were totally MVP!