Divas, Superstars and Animals

Yes, my girls' weekend in San Diego was so fabulous that I had to blog about it in installments. After Slut Night, I didn't think it would have been possible to get even more exciting. But of course there's plenty more where that came from, because it's drinks by the pool and arrival of the LA girls, woot woot!!

Cat got everyone in my room up at the butt crack of 8am on Saturday morning. It is still considered dawn if you went to bed at 3am, or 4am, I don't know, that girl must have been on crack. I didn't join my roommates for breakfast because my tummy was not happy with the decisions I made the night before: lack of food, too much alcohol, lack of sleep, too much age. When I finally did feel better, I happily reunited with the group and chillaxin' by the pool.

We brought the heat to San Diego.
I did a little bit of everything, read (US Weekly), swam (dipped my bottom half in the pool), sunbathe (burned), but mainly focused on grubbing. Those garlic fries in a cone sure hit the spot!
Some fries, calamari and a Bloody Mary later, the LA girs are here!! Tater looked so adorable with her new do, that I made her model it for me so that I could steal it....and be even more alllooksame ;-)

Naturally, the LA girls wasted no time in joining us with the grubbing. Below were some of the poolside eats, served by our pretentious waitress. She gave Wisconsin folks such a bad name!
Chips and dip platter, cheeseburger bites, calamari with pesto, and a classic portrait of "WeezerMonkey with food" holding a corn dog.

I simply cannot stop LMAO at the following series of pictures! When LA girls are around, hilarious conversations will happen. This involved many accurate reenactments: mine of Cat's visits to the bathroom sink last night, WeeMo's of Aline shaving only one of armpits....can't.stop.laughing.
To redeem herself, Aline showcased her most prized accessories. Some women have purses, some have wallets, Aline has no such need.
And WeeMo's version, notquitesame.
But our entertainment sure didn't stop there. Here come the pool dancers! This makes me happy :)

When we heard that MBOC has arrived, room 420 and its cohort, room 422, decided to welcome her, animal style.

This will go into our hall of fame. After the attack, the entire zoo then dispersed to get ready for the night, which would be decidedly more cazh than our previous Slut Night.

I've been posting pictures of peeps without their makeup, it's only fair that I'd post one of myself. Thank goodness the robes are able to detract from my pastiness.

Some of the matural [sic] beauties didn't take long to get ready. WeeMo was demonstrating what her eyebrow(s) would look like if she let it be matural.

LYB's sunburn is not the only hot thing in this picture. Sigh...to be 21 again.

All cute and cazh, ready to go!

Group portraits at the lobby, which turned out to be perfectly segregated: the Asian brunettes and the white blondes.

Then there are the mutts

I will end this post and leave you with this little gem that we saw right smack in the middle of the hallway of the hotel, between the elevators and the pool. Of course, we all checked to make sure it didn't belong to any of us first before we gagged.
The final installment of our weekend in SD will consist of Irish tasties, rooftops, ground seatings, and tacos.


dapotato said...

OMG. i am LOVING the photos and your commentary.

1. i need to pay a little more attention to the back of my head with the flatiron.

2. weemo's hair has many uses in illustrating different things.

3. the segregated lobby photos are hi-larious. i didn't even realize until i read this.

4. you are the sweetest of them all.

WeezerMonkey said...

I need a full version of the wild animal group pic.


Claire said...

I am so glad we were segregated. :)

Loving the photos! You're the best documentarian ever.

Aline said...

O M to the G.

Katie I need full versions of MANY of these!


Remind me to never get in the pool hung over without sunglasses again. I look BEAT..

But Damn.. I looked hot for bar night.

Katie! I puffy <3 you!

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

This post was going so nicely until that very last picture.

R said...

So fantastic on so many levels. I wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

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Carry on the superb work!

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