Idol Company

I am no longer a desperate housewife! After leaving my underpaid and overworked managerial position at the company where I toiled away for 7 years of my life, I was looking forward to starting out fresh in a new environment. My now hubby forwarded me a very promising opportunity. With much less workload and responsibilities but still within my HR field, locating just 5 miles from the apartment where we will be moving in together, cultivating my 3 years of retail experience from Macy's, and a SoCal casual dress code....what a sweet resume for an employer, right? Not so much.

When the Human Resources department thrives on gossip and alliances, behaving just like their teenage consumer demographic, it didn't take me long to realize that even with the 20% employee discount, this company was not a good fit. Shortly after 4 months and much deliberation with the hubby, I let my new employer go. Only after I told my self-admitted “white trash” co-worker what to do to herself, in front of the department, in my diplomatic HR ways, that was sweet. I am nice, really. Just don’t test me.

So I was fortunate enough to have a hubby who allowed me to obsess over the wedding planning for a month and a half, actually married me, then supported my lazy ass for 6 more months while I sulked about what to do with my life. He sure married a keeper. For half a year after my wedding I slept, watched reruns of Project Runway, slept, moped, surfed the internet, and often all of these things at once. I was really on my way to become such a model wife, while hubby worked, cooked, and provided endless motivation and support. I couldn’t decide between pursuing my passion and maintaining financial security. I now have the resources to venture into entrepreneurship, but timing is an issue. [cue Fergie] It’s personal, myself and I. We’ve got some straightening out to do.

I told my passionate self to lay low, and we’ll continue to hang out during our spare time. I shifted my paradigm to providing stability for my family, and will do so passionately. Once again, my hubby forwarded me an employer with a sweet resume. I accepted cautiously. Being one month in, this employer is passing the probationary period with flying colors. Not only does it live up to its qualifications, it also provides continuous trivials that make me snort joyously. Case in point, my department handles their Idol Mania very seriously. There’s a high stake pool that starts every Tuesday night, when we would watch the Idols perform, then carefully critique (or not) their routines come Wednesday morning, put in $2 and register our vote for the one that will be voted off. As demonstrated below:
$1 would go toward every week’s pool, the other dollar would go toward the ultimate Idol winner’s pool, when we vote from the final 3 or 4 contestants. We even provide visual aids. It’s quite intense.

Oh, and in exchange for that 20% employee discount at my previous employer, this current one brings me this coffee any time I want. [snort giddily]


WeezerMonkey said...

That coffee reminds me of my old firm. It's one of the few things I miss!

dapotato said...

whee! i hope this company is a keeper. love the idol pool, even if i no longer watch. ;)

R said...

I don't watch Idol so I'm sure I'd lose the pool for sure. I hope this job, and your possible venture, work out well!