Due to some schedule mix-ups from our friends, we finally had a quiet weekend during this past Halloween weekend. Daylight saving just made it even sweeter. So I took full advantage of it and worked on one of my many projects. As a gift, I offered to make a guestbook for my boss' upcoming wedding in November. This will not only lessen the traditional gift for the Cambodian wedding (also applies to Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai weddings). But it will also serve 2 other purposes:

  1. I am super anal when I work on these types of projects, but that's because they are my creative outlets. I actually take joy in being anal and bringing on this pain.
  2. This will be a test run for the Christmas gifts that I intend to give to both of our families as well as to the bridal party. I know, crazy. But, once again, this will involve more time and effort but much less money to shell out for gifts. And our families are fanatical about pictures and videos, so these albums would be very suitable gifts.

Take a look at the guestbook below and let me know what you think! This is the first time that I've dabbled in digital scrapbooking and I am addicted. I purchased the "Dreams Are Made Of (PINK) QP" album by Paislee Press and Taylormadealbum template from Oscraps. I really like the simple, modern, and vibrant aesthetics of these two designers, and the wedding theme colors are pink and brown. I tweaked the size and some pages here and there, but basically love the template as is.

I incorporated the pictures that she sent me of their relationship through the years, she's another 10yearstogether or 11.....She also provided pictures from her engagement session with Tracy Kumoto, which she utilized as a formal/bridal portrait session of sorts. She didn't want to spend more money on the "studio" sessions that are so popular among Asian brides. See mine below.

I am beyond excited to see this guestbook in print! To see my analness pay off and to be able to semi-mass produce Christmas gifts are just priceless. Without further ado, I present you, The Guestbook.

Click here to view this photo book.


A Feminist Gold Digger said...

Did you delete the link??

TaylorMade Designs said...

hey! thanks for your comment on my blog! i had the same issues with shutterfly+blogger. i finally got it to work by downloading Firefox Internet browser. I then closed out of Internet Explorer and used Firefox to access both the book at shutterfly and my blog. Since shutterfly uses Firefox by default as thier browser, it works when other browsers fail. try that and see if that helps. :)