MrKP and I have barely survived celebrating two huge anniversaries: our first wedding anniversary and my youth group's 30th. Tomorrow marks another significant anniversary in our lives: my parents' wedding anniversary.

I had fun plans for them, well, it will be fun for my mom and me, at least. My mom didn't get a chance to wear this classy dress to our anniversary party because:

1) my dad didn't have anything equally classy to wear that was also comfortable enough for him to play pool at Dave & Buster's

2) she bought this dress since it was such a steal before I decided that the theme colors for our party were blue and green

With her svelte figure, she would have looked like a brunette version of the model.
My plan was to tote along my new baby yesterday and take some nice classy portraits of the 'rents with my mom wearing her classy dress, as an anniversary gift. MrKP was going to be the clown to diffuse my dad's misery during this process, and BroKP (who also has the same initials) was going to get a nice frame for their favorite picture from this session as their gifts.Well, things took a sharp turn on Saturday. My dad was reverting back to his old self, and my parents's dynamics are now like this picture from our anniversary party, minus the playfulness, and my brother's fedora.

Instead, on Sunday, the KP clan, minus my dad :-(, took my mom to Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner. Where we toasted her an awkward "Ummm...Happy Anniversary, Mom." At least she was comforted by the fact that she had all her children there. As for my dad, after giving me a few disgruntled exchanges, he took off to his friend's house, probably sipping cognac and yakking about everything but my mom. He reverted back to his old self A LOT during the planning of our wedding. It was not a good feeling to be in the midst of planning your wedding and witnessing how rocky your parents' marriage was.
After 32 years, surviving 6 years of which being separated as a result of The Vietnam War, they still test their marriage. Marriage is hard work.


Jessica said...

It IS hard work. It's ALWAYS hard work.

I hope your parents are smooth sailing again soon! :-)

WeezerMonkey said...

You look so much like your mom in the pic at your wedding!

R said...

I concur with Jess and the Monkey!

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

I second Weemo, you are a younger splitting image of MamaKP. Sorry about the family issues. That blows.