Hello Blog!

Remember me? Long time no talk. I will fill you in on all the madness eventually, perhaps when things quiet down a bit. For right now, let me tell you about the fun things, the things that make me feel good and giddy.

Like what I am going to wear at our first wedding anniversary party!! More later on how this fun celebration is being overshadowed by a more cumbersome event...ugghhh..

But back to things that don't make me want to tear my hair out, rather on the contrary, to go with what I will be putting on my hair! One of the very few things that I was quite bummed about during our wedding day, was that the gorgeous feather and flower hairpin that I had planned to wear with the dress that I would be dancing in never made its debut.
It was nowhere to be found when I was changing into my "dancing dress". My overzealous friend was determined to make my wedding day as perfect as can be and gathered up all my personal things so that they wouldn't be strewn about in the hotel. He and his wife brought every little knick-knack to our honeymoon suite, including the blue box with my hairpin inside. Oh how its wispy feathers would have moved harmoniously when I opened the dance floor with the tango number that I planned as a surprise for my dad for our father-daughter dance.
See how perfectly that hairpin would have completed the effect? [sigh] But how could I be upset at my friend, who meticulously displayed our leftover flower arrangements and portraits on the nightstand and coffee table in our suite, complete with a sweet little note on our hotel bed.

So I didn't get upset, instead, I vowed to debut that sassy little pin on our first wedding anniversary! Thus, began the search for the sassy little white dress to complement it. Below are the contenders, I even had a public poll.
And this was the front runner. Quite a few peeps told me how Carrie Bradshaw this chic little number is, and I loved everything about it (including its allusion to SATC since I am a HUGE fan), except for the price.

Being the smart and savvy shopper that I am :P, I waited for it to go on sale. Preferrably half off. It never did. So off I went to South Coast Plaza, ready to tear the place apart. Well, at least inside the stores that I could afford to buy something anyway. I started my way at one end of the mall, and just 3 stores later....I present you, THE DRESS:

Ain't it sweet? Can't you picture how impeccable it would look with my hairpin? Aren't you jealous of my dressing room picture-taking technique?

White, check. Cocktail length, check. Comfortable, check. Cute, check! The pockets and the optional straps are just icing on the cake. All that for less than $100, check, check, CHECK PLEASE!! Pull out the straps, put on a teal belt and I have a completely different dress halfway through the party. Just call me Katie Bradshaw.

The good stuff didn't stop there. As you can see from the dressing room pictures above, my bob has grown into a blob. It has been months, I lost count. The highlights have faded to their true color, gray. So during this rare weekend of rest, MrKP and I made sure to get our hairs did.

Since our hair guy did such a good and quick job today, we had time to peruse in a few of our favorite stores. See my loot from Victoria's Secret and Paper Source above. And witness cute MrKP with his Fry's bargains below. Pure bliss.
Hmm...I just noticed for the first time when looking at these pictures that we both wore the same brand name T-shirts! Hahaha! And no, we are not one of THOSE couples who match, except for today, hilarious!


WeezerMonkey said...

Can't wait to see the pin and dress together! I am laughing at the double DKNY. :D

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

Couple twinsies!!

Can't wait to see your entire Carrie Bradshaw ensemble, and OF COURSE, you are going to mix it up half way through. So you. Love it!

R said...

So good to see you again! :) I'm sure you are going to rock the socks off of that party in your pin and party dress. Fun!

dapotato said...

don't lie. i know you guys like to match. every day.

can't wait to see everything together. that dress is cute. :)

Aline said...

Theres only one thing I like better than Carrie Bradshaw-- a Katie Bradshaw! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

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