Rotten the core, I am!  I attended a fun-filled baby shower for BabyMama waaaay back in May, hosted by the delicious Aline and dramatic 10yrs.  And true to form, I toted along my DSLR, snapped a million pictures and never touched them again.  Not only did the baby arrive already, I was just catching up on reading my fave blogs the other day, and saw that not only BabyMama wanted to see my snapshots, Wan did as well (see comments section)!

Since I am already way too late in the game, I might as well stretch it out even further.  Let me begin documenting the festivities by presenting you the centerpiece:

By the fabulous Miss J



Some artwork in the hostess' home

But everything paled in comparison to the glowing BabyMama

Games, guests and gifts coming up!


weezermonkey said...

Ooh! New layout!

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

Ditto WM. Love it!

dapotato said...

nice new layout! and nice to hear from you again, too! :)